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We offer a huge variety of dry goods in bulk.  This means you can buy an ounce or a pound, you decide.  Simply scoop the amount you want into a bag, write the bin number on the label, and close up the bag.
Bulk Products:
  • FLOUR:  All purpose flour, gluten free flour, baking flours, specialty flours including organic, whole wheat and sprouted flours.  For a complete list of all the flour we carry, click here.
  • SUGAR AND BAKING NEEDS:  We carry many different varieties of sugar and items that you need for baking, including simple and tasty baking mixes for brownies, cookies and muffins.  For a Complete list click here.
  • SOUP MIXES, GRAINS AND BEANS: Different varieties of rice, quinoa, couscous, barley to name a few, plus multiple types of dried beans and lots of simple and delicious soup mixes.
  • NUTS and SEEDS:  We've got roasted, salted, no salt, raw and organic varieties of all your favorite nuts, plus a wide variety of seeds great for snacks or salad toppings.  For a complete list of these items click here.
  • DRIED FRUIT:  Raisins, dates, mango, pineapple, prunes, apple rings, hibiscus flowers, you name it, we've got it.  Click here for the full list of dried fruit we carry
  • SPICES: From cinnamon to turmeric and everything in between, we've got all kinds of spices.   For a complete list of spices, click here.
  • TEAS:  We have a a wide variety of loose tea for you to choose from, and many of these are not only organic, but also Fair Trade Certified. We also carry boxed tea from Stash, Aloha and Choice teas.  Take a look here for the full list of teas we carry.
  • OILS AND VINEGARS: We have many delicious infused balsamic vinegars including truffle infused and chocolate infused balsamic.
  • CHOCOLATE: Available in milk chocolate and dark chocolate, as well as sugar free.
  • CANDY: All kinds of goodies.  A little something for everyone.
  • SNACK MIXES: Pretzels, veggie chips, wasabi peas, trail mix, snack mixes and much more.  Click here to see the full list of snack mixes we carry.
  • POWDERED MIXES: From flavored smoothie powder, whey, pea and soy protein powder, to dip mixes we've got a little of everything and you are sure to find something for everyone
Click HERE to be taken to our recipes page where you can find all the recipes for our soups, smoothies, cookies and muffins.

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