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At Bulk Food Superstore, we know that many people have dietary restrictions.  We strive to bring in a variety of products in our bulk section, as well as in our fridge, freezer and pre-packed products, to meet a variety of dietary needs.  Take a look at all we have to offer!
Let's talk about Keto and Low Carb foods.  Right now Keto is HOT!  And we are paying attention.  We carry a great selection of low and zero carb, Keto Friendly products.  We have a wide range of sauces and condiments from Sir Kensington's and Walden Farms.  We carry zero carb bread, buns and bagels from Thin Slim Foods, Lily's chocolate bars and baking chips, High Key Snacks Cheese Crunch and Keto Cookies, Bhu Keto Bars, Moon Cheese,  Wink Ice Cream, Rebel Ice Cream, Sami's Bakery low carb bread, bagels, buns and more, Dang Keto Bars, Smart Buns and Smart Cakes from the Smart Baking Company, sweetners and baking mixes from Swerve, Yummy Food Company keto bites and muffins, and much more.  We also have a great selection of almond and coconut flours in bulk.  
For people looking for gluten-free options, we've got a wide range of products from Schar, Katz, and Cauli'Flour.  You'll be happy to find breads, buns, cookies, desserts, pastries, pizza crusts and more. Not to mention all of the gluten-free flours we carry in our bulk section. We've got everything from coconut flour to garbanzo flour, rice flour and almond flour.
If you are looking for vegan/vegetarian and plant based options we've got a good selection of products, for you as well, including burgers from Beyond Meat, Hilary's root veggie products, and we've got lots of treats on the shelves too.
Come in to the store and explore everything we've got to offer.

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